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Katie Ketchum: music/prints

Katie's paintings/prints:

Dancing In the Waves

Dancing in the WavesThis CD is a soothing, heartfelt example of Katie's ballad songwriting. Katie's Lareena Mckennit type vocals are backed by her lush arrangements.Food for the soul.


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hersongs: Gospel

Gospel Cover

Original sacred feminine in a gospel style sung by the rich, healing voice of Katie Ketchum inspired by Katie's once a month choir: "Sisters of Sparkle" at herchurch in San Francisco.  These songs start out as slow moving chants and build up into a raucous gospel style in praise of the feminine.


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Tree of Life

Tree of LifeA live concert of songs and poetry that allign with the Chakras, Wheels of Light and Tree of Life energy centers of the body. The harmonies of the audience are amazing mixed with synthesizer and Katie's songs. 

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Magdalene The Musical - by Katie Ketchum

Mary Magdalene

A CD of songs from the hit show Magdalene! Click "press/reviews" to read great reviews about the songs and show. The songs range from Rockabilly to Gospel with a few beautiful ballades mixed in.



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hersongs: Chants

green2_resized.jpgA collection of traditional and original chants honoring the sacred feminine.  Katie Ketchum sings a capella




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Katie Ketchum's Voice Training

These are vocal exercises that Katie uses to keep her voice healthy and ready to sing hours per day. Great for any level singers from beginning to advanced who are sopranos, tenors or baritones. 

Miss Katie For Kids

Katie Ketchum sings songs and chants for children. Excellent CD for ages 3 through 9. CD is available by e-mailing Katie price is $10. including shipping.

Classic Beginnings

Classic Beginnings is Katie Ketchum's classical solo piano album. It includes composers: Back, Handel, Scarlatti, Haydn, Clementi, Beethoven, Schumann, Kabalevsky, Khatchaturian, Bartok and Ketchum. You can order this album by e-mailing Katie. Album is $10. including shipping.

With Laughter and Singing-rounds

An album for your listening pleasure, to sing a long with and develop your voice. Singing with these songs will help anyone learn how to use their voice and learn to sing with harmonies. Instructions are included. Fun for beginners through advanced. Great for classroom use. Order through Katie's email.

Impressions of Mary Cassatt - by Katie Ketchum

Songs from Katie's hit show "Impressions of Mary Cassatt". This show received the National Endowment for the Arts. These songs bring to life Mary Cassatt, the great American artist who went to Paris to join the French Impressionist painters. To order e-mai. Album is $10. including shipping

Katie Ketchum Band

Katie Ketchum Band makes interesting arrangements of Katie's songs. Classified as adult/contemporary. Katie's vocals and keyboard are joined by bass player Robb Abramson, guitarist David Barclay and drummer Glen Murrell. Order by e-mailing Katie. Album is $10. including shipping

Clear The Air - Katie Ketchum

Katie on voice and piano singing her original songs about relationship and going green. "Uncool Fossil Fuel" is one of the highlights. "Peace In Our Land" is a powerful comment on the Trail of Tears. Available by e-mailing $10. per CD including shipping.

Everything You Are - Katie Ketchum

"Everything You Are" is one of Katie's finest albums. An early album of great songs and smooth vocals. Joined by Pablo Rodriguez on some songs. Mostly love songs. order by e-mailing  $10. per album including shipping.

John Reese and Katie Ketchum

John Reese and Katie Ketchum join up vocally and instrumentally with their original songs. Interesting harmonies and arrangements. guitar, piano and two voices. e-mail $10. including shipping.

Clara Schumann; 19th Century Pianist - DVD

Katie Ketchum's tour de force, portraying the great pianist with songs, piano pieces and stories.