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Katie Ketchum: Home


Katie's On-line Courses: Teachasong for children, Singing and Chant writing for adults! is an online resource for parents, teachers and students K-3 to enhance their music education. Pablo Rodriguez and Katie Ketchum present: Teachasong program which supports the development of language skills, music education, movement, confidence in social interaction, creative expression, intra personal skills and multi-cultural curiousity through the teachasong program. The teachasong program brings play and heart into the process of this development. Visit for free songs and courses.

Introduction to Chant Writing with singer/songwriter Katie Ketchum A simple, yet effective way to write chants. In seven short videos include; Chant Writing Process/ Working with a Theme, Analyzing and Imitating a Favorite Chant, Composing Your Own Melody and Lyrics, Rhythm as inspiration for chant writing, and Group Chant Writing with a Guided Meditation! Order your Chant writing course at www. for only $25.

Singing As A Meditation Practice with singer/songwriter Katie Ketchum Singing As A Meditation Practice is a simple voice course outlined in 6 videos. Singer/Songwriter Katie Ketchum gives you voice exercises for using your voice in a healthy way and ideas for using singing as a meditation practice or incorporating singing into your meditation or yoga practice. Even if you've never felt like a singer, this course will give you the confidence you need to begin. Singing As A Meditation Practice is available at for $25.


Katie Ketchum M.A. is a singer/songwriter/artist and National Endowment for the Arts recipient. Katie’s songs were incorporated by Mother Teresa for healing, in her rehabilitation centers throughout India. Visionary Artist Shiloh Sophia included Katie’s paintings in the “Soul Fire” Collection shown at the United Nation in New York City. Katie’s art has been in many shows, book covers and collections. Many of Katie’s paintings can be viewed at herchurch in San Francisco and Dream Portal School of Art and Music in Sebastopol, CA.