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Katie Ketchum: About


Katie Ketchum is a singer/songwriter/artist. In a concert career spanning more than four decades, Ketchum's folk/gospel songs have won many awards and her songs have touched the hearts of people internationally. To date, she has recorded 23 albums of original songs. She writes in a folk/classical style as well as gospel/rockabilly with feminine themes. She was awarded the National Endowment for the Arts, Nevada State Council On the Arts Individual Artist award as well as many competitions in Canada sponsored by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.  Mother Teresa heard Katie's healing songs and played them in her seven rehabilitation centers throughout India.

 Less known, is Katie's work as a visual artist which has been shown at the United Nations in New York City curated by one of her teachers, Shiloh Sophia, and is in many collections on the east and west coast.

Katie was born in Auburn, California and raised in her teen years in British Columbia and Toronto, Canada. She began her concert career at venues in Toronto including University of Toronto and the Toronto Public Library System.

In the early years, Ketchum was lead singer and keyboard player in her own band the Ketchum-Frey Band with her sister, well known singer/songwriter Hazel Ketchum on drums and vocals. The band played in numerous clubs in Las Vegas while Katie and Hazel attended University of Las Vegas.

Simultaneously Ketchum wrote one of three one woman shows that included her original songs, and toured Nevada with a National Endowment for the Arts.
“Impressions of Mary Cassatt”, received critical acclaim and she was invited to Northwestern University near Chicago as well as Cranberry Coast Concerts in Massachusetts and theatres in the North Bay of California. Her other one woman shows are; “Clara Schumann; 19th Century Pianist” and “Mary Magdalene, the Musical which Katie has performed at many theatre’s and concert series.

Katie was lead singer and keyboard with Katie Ketchum Band playing originals throughout the North Bay and Southern California with David Barkley on guitar and Glen Murrell drums, for many years.

Ketchum presently sings her songs at many venues and regularly at herchurch in San Francisco and in her own Dream Portal Studio in Sebastopol, California.